How traffic and metro alerts can help your commute

Traffic and Metro delays are bad.

Surprise traffic and Metro delays are the worst. Have you ever been in a hurry to get to work, only to discover that single tracking or gridlock is going to add another hour to your commute? We feel your pain, and we think we can help.

Let's face it, you have a busy morning already - and unfortunately you just don't remember to check Google Maps for traffic or the Metro website for delays each day. RouteHero's traffic and metro alerts can help you with this problem.

RouteHero can help.

Let's walk through a quick example of how our personalized traffic and metro alerts work in two quick steps:

1) Setup your normal commute route: simply choose your start and destination. For Metro, just choose your start and ending metro stations. For driving, enter in the address or name of the place you're going to, and your home.
creating a metro route or
creating a driving route

2) Tell us when and how you'd like to be notified of a problem. Unlike other traffic and metro alert systems, we only notify you at the times that you specify. No more getting texts or emails while you're already at work. We offer app, text, and email notifications, so however you want to be alerted, you're covered.

choosing how to get notified

choosing your schedule

And that's it! We'll send you a notification at the time you specified, for your commute. No more getting surprised by gridlock or metro delays.